Authentic Mexican Cuisine, made with the best local and organic ingredients.

Los Cilantros offers authentic Mexican food for all kinds of events— weddings, birthdays, dinner parties, etc. Los Cilantros buys directly from Bay Area farmers and supports local businesses by choosing the best ingredients. This results in the freshest, healthiest food with authentic Mexican flavor.


Hello, I'm Dilsa Lugo, I’m from Cuernavaca, Mexico and I come from a large family where we cooked all the time. Being from a town, I grew up with a garden where we grew corn, pumpkins, beans, lemons, mangoes, guayabas, green beans, chilies, and more. We gardened for the love of seeing our food all the way from seed to table but also to help the family economically. The passion that I have for cooking and for fresh ingredients comes from that garden. Plus, when I went to college I learned a lot about pesticides and the harm they cause people and the environment so when I came to Berkeley it was exciting to discover the local, organic food movement—a movement that’s only recently beginning in Mexico. I realized that there weren’t many Mexican food places that had these issues in mind which is what inspired me to start Los Cilantros. The most important thing for me is never to lose authenticity and for people to enjoy the flavors of Mexican food that is simply but carefully prepared using the best ingredients available.
Thank you for your interest, I hope to cook for you soon!